Our competence for cosiness.

Fabrics, materials and home accessories create individual spaces and design every home. Our contacts are diverse and enable the delivery of different qualities and designs for curtains, pillows, lambskins, carpets, tablecloths as well as bed linen and towels.

We are happy to develop and implement new ideas from classic to progressive in close cooperation with you and our manufacturers.

Little things complete outfits: scarves, shawls, ponchos, capes – there are no limits to your wishes for fabrics, colors and designs! Products such as belts, purses, bags or key rings in a multitude of variants – we can supply the right thing for every taste and every budget!

These popular little things, which complete outfits and complement trends in fashion, are implemented through our cooperation with specialists at their production facilities with a wide variety of skills.

Robust, practical and decorative! Everything made of stainless steel, plastic, glass, porcelain, ceramic, leather and fabric, which beautifies and simplifies everyday life, we can realize for you. Be it small kitchen gadgets, candles and candlesticks, boxes or vases, dogs like cat beds – everything is possible.

Of course, we pay attention to quality and sustainability and offer you our best price-performance ratio.